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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Splish splash I was taking Abbath

Sime (C) The JAMS


While we get some well earned sleep, pore over the many photo albums, scrutinise results sheets, sort, clean & pack our supplies up, here's your podiums for each grade, plus a slideshow of instagram photos tagged with #DDCX.

Please email us links to videos, photos, blog posts, stories from the day and we will collect it all in one superpost.

Kids Girls
  1. Emily Jackson
  2. Emily Hughes
  3. Mae Checkowski
  4. Darcy Guilani
  5. Charlotte Weir

Kids Boys

  1. Conall Murphy
  2. Blake Williams
  3. Joe Kemp
  4. Lachlan McConnell
  5. Clay Williams

Open Women

  1. Heather Hoggan
  2. Verity Scurr

Open Men

  1. Nicholas Morgan
  2. Jeremiah Vella
  3. James Deane
  4. Colin Bell
  5. Andrew Scott

B Grade Men
  1. Sam Watson
  2. Ben Walderden
  3. Ben Healey
  4. Gareth Heitmann
  5. Chris Mason

A Grade Women

  1. Mel Anset
  2. Erica Gurner
  3. Kate McCormack
  4. Kristy Panby
  5. Jade Forsyth

A Grade Men

  1. Lewis Rattray
  2. Alan Iacuone
  3. Luke Fetch
  4. Paul Redenbach
  5. Adrian Jackson

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