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Monday, 20 August 2012

I Stole Your Love

After a busy few weeks here at DDCX HQ but the final installment of this year's Dirty Deeds Series is now upon us (don't fret the Victorian State Championships are still happening on the 23rd September, it's that they aren't an official DDCX event).

With the assistance of our new friends at Rapha we have a few additions planned for Sunday, all of which are aimed squarely at making this one hell of a fun afternoon at the races. 

They have a few details up on cyclingtips right now

Yes, you read it right... face painting. Combine this with the fact that Treadlie are giving away prizes for 'Most Inspired Costume' and we have three frames to give away for the people having the most fun out there and you can be sure the mud will run thick with bright colours by the end of the day.

pic courtesy Brian Mangano

But onto some updates... The day's schedule looks like this:
Registration: 10:30 - 12:00 (this is more important than your race time!)
Course Open: 10:45-11:45
Kids mixed:     12:00 (10min +1 lap race)
Any Bike Race (MTB/CX): 12:20 (30min +1 lap race)
B Grade CX:    13:10 (30min +1 lap race)
Womens CX:   14:00 (30min +1 lap race) 
Course Open:  14:45-14:55
A Grade CX:    15:00 (45min + 1 lap race)
Presentations: 16:15 

You will notice two subtle changes to the races, the first is that Open has been renamed 'Any Bike' and now functions as an newcomer/overflow CX grade as well as including the ever diminishing number of non-CX racers. We still love our non-drop barred, non-700c riding brethren it's just we have so many eager new CX'ers. There's not enough hours in the day to give everyone a grade so compromises needed to be made. If you are new to bike racing (in any form - not just CX) this might be the grade for you. The second is a consolidation of Women's CX racing into it's own race. This is something we had on the cards from well before the season started and we are very happy to be able to do it. 

So get your gumboots ready, check your bike still rolls, remind your friends, and gather your favourite noise-making implements because this Sunday we aim to celebrate cyclocross in all its glory at it's spiritual home of Harrison St Velodrome!

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