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Friday, 24 August 2012

Grey Skies Turn Blue

Happy Friday crossers! Two more sleeps until Dirty Deeds presents Australia's first Rapha Supercross event, and there's some housekeeping to take care of to ensure that the only things that don't run smoothly are your drivetrains on Sunday evening.

Social Media
DDCX is fond of the occasional ALL CAPS tweet and you should be too. Whack a #DDCX hashtag on your tweets and flickr / instagram photos so we can all see them. Failing that, post about it on Google Plus so Rolly knows what's up.

There will be NO PARKING inside the gates of Harrison Street Velodrome unless you are an event official or a sponsor. Likewise, so as not to inconvenience nearby residents, parking on Harrison St (North) is restricted to residents only. We suggest you ride to the race, consider it a warm up, but if you are driving, we recommend you park near Allard Park and roll down the hill to the venue.

Race Licences
Got a CA / MTBA / BMXA / Kidz Licence or a DDCX Season Pass? Sweet, don't forget to bring it with you. No licence = no race.

Need a licence? Option 1 is to get a gold licence and sign up with a club now (We recommend Brunswick CC), print out your receipt and bring it along. Option 2 is to bring an extra $50 and purchase a 3-Ride permit from our licencing table, this will cover you for Sunday's race, the State Championships & one other road/track/CX race elsewhere.

(Don't forget that the Season Pass / 3-Ride can be upgraded to a full CA licence minus the permit cost.)

If you're under 11, you can purchase an annual Kidz licence for $10. Bargain!

Race Entry
Registration opens at 10:30 and closes at 12:00. If you rock up after this, you better have a cowbell as you'll be spectating. Entry is $10 for adults and $5 for kids. Please don't bring $50 or $100 bills unless you have a winning smile.

We will take your licence / permit in exchange for your number, don't forget to exchange them before you go home.

Course Practise
The course will be open for 1 hour from 10:45 to 11:45. You must be registered and have your number on before you enter the course, and if you are spotted on the course outside of this time you will be disqualified.

If you aren't racing, consider offering a hand to setup / teardown / volunteer during the races. Many hands make light work and help the day run smoothly.

CX is great fun to watch, so tell your friends and family to come on down. Bring noisemakers, (Nikcee recommends cookware), a warm jacket and enjoy watching people ride, run and fall over in the mud.

That's all from us, rain, hail or grime this Sunday's going to be a corker, see you there.

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