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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Expression Eraser

A reminder that Trailmix are up to their usual games out at Lysterfield this weekend with the next round of Cross Melburn.

Rumour had it that it was to be in the near-urban wilds of Westgate but some 'issues' have them back at their spiritual home of Lysterfield.

I'll be out there with my personal mechanic/pit guy, but look out for his handups mid-race as I understand he may be up to some fun tricks.

With the rain we have had/is forecast there may be another taste of mud for all racers! Here's hoping... (well I am as I don't want to have to change my tyres over again). It'd be nice if the wind held off too while I'm making a wish-list.

It's been a month since many of you have raced... I'm sure the itch is starting to tickle a bit.

More info can now be found here.

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  1. some picks of the CX juniors are here http://www.flickr.com/photos/uncle_beetle/sets/72157627752794924/


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