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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Electravision Mantra

Following on from Brendan's flurry of posts about the CVCX here are some tips for spectators this weekend from the online champions of the TheHandUp:

Some history
Some alternatives from the recent Tour Of Utah

Tour of Utah - Queen Stage - Wacky Food Hand Ups from Roots Culture Connect on Vimeo.

The key is to offer not force the hand-up, as you dont know if the person is a militant anti-capitalist when you are offing the cash. Well that and being creative... I'd be pretty stoked with a damper and golden syrup hand-up mid race!

More awesome handups and mud craziness

2010 Monkey Cross Race 2 - Category A Men from Hans Kellner on Vimeo.

And then something for the more 'serious racer'
What to do before you race


  1. dear race organisers! i was wondering if there was a lost & found box after round three? i've misplaced a CA license... thanks, rd

  2. there is, but it doesn't have a license in it. sorry!

  3. don't suppose you have my cycle computer I lost at Round 2?

  4. you may be in luck. email us at dirtydeedscx@gmail.com with a description.


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