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Monday, 5 September 2011

The Business Interests Of The Corperate Owned Media.

This just in...

Andy Rogers of Fame & Spear fame (?) has a photo exhibition of this year's DDCX series at Human Powered Cycles. I'm pretty sure I saw a picture of you there. As well as being a supporter of Andy and DDCX, HPC are a rad little bike shop with an equally rad cafe attached. Head down there and check it out. If Val is there, tell him I say hi. And make sure you tell him a joke or something - the guy has the best damn laugh I've ever heard.

And, once again, Hamish and I from the DDCX Commentary Commissariat will be providing "insights", "humour" and "commentary" at the CV Cyclocross Open on Sunday. The weather is supposedly going to be atrocious. Which sounds like a lot of fun. I believe you can sign up on the day, but you might want to check my facts on that one. If you're keen to help out, head down to John Cain Memorial Park around 9 and ask for Kipp.

I also heard a rumour that there's a DDCX expose in this month's Treadlie magazine. Anyone wanna confirm or deny that for me?

The Girl With The Cowbell Tattoo from Cyclocross Magazine has been spectacularly supportive of our series, and has once again kerplunked our little series on the front page. She's been emailing me all week about the beginning of the US Cross Season. I don't wanna sound like Nik Cee or anything, but hot damn, if I had some frequent flyer miles and a bike box, you know where I'd be heading.

And that's about it from DDCXHQ. If you're riding the CV Open on Sunday, come say hi. I'll be significantly more relaxed than at our events - not being responsible for anything other than vocal shenanigans will do that to a guy.

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  1. There are a few pics of dirty bums, a small write up and as link to the blog on page 19 of Treadlie #4.


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