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Monday, 21 June 2010


The first race is at Harrison St Velodrome in the People's Republic of Brunswick this Sunday. Schedule looks like this:

12pm - Rego open. Course open to those wearing a race number.
1pm - Open Category Race.
2pm - CX Category Race.
3pm - Presentations / Race number returning / Cupcake eating / Glory reflecting.

The weather report reads 13 degrees and showers. Bring your longjohns!


  1. Ok, so:

    I don't have a licence.
    Have never raced in anything before ever.
    My bike is mostly appropriate but rocks BB7s so it's not really CX.
    I put my back out last week and can't lift a thing at the moment.

    BUT, I'd really like to come and check it out. What's the deal with spectating?

  2. Spectating is simple (and free and easy)!

    Turn up, yell/cheer, laugh at people riding their bikes hard.

    There will be plenty of places on the course to watch the 'action'. If you are standing in a bad place one of the officials will let you know.


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