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Saturday, 19 June 2010

Over You.

If another person tells me that the UCI has just relented and allowed disc brakes in Cyclocross I may spontaneously combust.

Next season we'll let you run your discs, ok? This season you're stuck with cantis / calipers / v-brakes. Now shut up. Please. My family needs me.

***EDIT*** The above statement ONLY applies to the CX category. You can run your discs, risers and whatever suspension/adjustable items in the 'Other/MTB' category with no concerns! Apologies for the confusion.


  1. I'm now tempted to say that we wont ever allow them just to emphasise that this isnt UCI and we can do what we like (within reason). Plus it makes MTB'ers angry - hehe

  2. Sash - The 'no disc brakes' rule only applies to the 'CX' category - not the 'Other/MTB' category where you can ride a full dually with discs and as many remote lockouts and telescoping posts as you can control/adjust.

    I'm pretty sure your bike as described to me at the PK Ripper launch is a-ok to ride.

    Make sense?

  3. Thanks Royal Australian Navy for posting me to Western Australia from Victoria. Just when I have a CX frame being made up for me by Mr Mott they start a CX series back in the promised land. Looks fantastic Fellas, I look forward to all new photos and posts. Cheers


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