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Sunday, 27 June 2010

Into You Like A Train

So Round One went down today in what was excellent conditions... the ground was wet, the mud deep and sticky, the weather co-operative and the spectators loud and vibrant...

The full results will be posted after the drug tests have been completed (caffiene levels below a certain threshold indicate a failure to enjoy coffee supreme products sufficiently and may result in disqualification).

credit: D.Cotterell

Here are some of the shots from the day that are emerging:

The CX podium - L-R: Sam Beck, Nic Edwards, Leigh DeLuca


Matt 'Aero' Gray - riding cutdown knobbies on his street fixed.

Pavlis' Hill (aka log pile barrier to hill of suffer) - the site of more beer handups and heckling than anywhere.

Reuben 'This is my second day on this bike and first day with spds' Ruiter

Campbell 'I won a 6hr MTB enduro yesterday so i'm a little tired' Townend - with one of the best colour-co-ordinated kits of the day (as always).

Shouldering the bike was the key to a fast run-up

Stu 'Kiwi' Weir - smiling through the pain

Stu doing EnZed proud

Benzy dodging beer spray from the 'Hillsiders'

Met this guy @ Warby and would happily trade $ for his SF CX team's kit.

That guy...

It's funny how many smiling shots you see... when everyone agrees how much hurt you are in mid-race

El Diablo - maker of fine fake sausage rolls, engineer-whiz, all-round good guy and part-time member of the blue man group.

The apron of the velodrome was a good place to shift up a gear (if you had them) and push the pedals with a lot less resistance than the very soggy grass and mud and maybe begin to wonder why you were out there.

Sam 'Muttonchops' MacGregor made the barriers look like little steps.

The infield at the end of the day - coffee, baked good and the sign-up for 40mins of hell/fun.

2nd place getter and studley park runner/cross rider Sam Beck shows off his ribbon collecting methods.

Thanks to SRAM for their supply of ribbon... and thanks to whoever for the weather - dry day and muddy ground!

Benzy may have lost to Heavy Metal James, but he won most beer-soaked rider award.
photos credit:J.Dougrey

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