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Friday, 18 April 2014

It's Friday, Friday, Gotta get down on Friday

DDCX Special Ops Crew would like to extend thanks to the following groups and individuals who helped us make Good Friday the #BESTFRIDAY.

  • The Morgan Family, for everything, every time. First to arrive, last to leave. Next time you see them, thank them yourself too.
  • All the volunteers who rocked up at 1200 to work in the rain and setup the course so that we were ready to roll on time, those sitting on the rego, licencing, timing desks, ensuring it all ran smoothly and those that didn't leave once the race was over, instead helping us pack it all up. 
  • Nath, from Metarace, his system is BOSS and he is a timing pro. What other non UCI events have live internet race results?  
  • Nick at Saint Cloud, our apparel printer extraordinaire and operator of a fantastic little bike shop.
  • Sime of Livinspire Design Co, who continues to deliver artwork that we're stoked to wear.
  • Jona and Zombie Espresso for keeping us fuelled with sweet sweet braaaains, err, espresso.
  • Brendan "New Timer" Bailey, who rocks the mic like a vandal
  • Beatbox Kitchen, slinging burgers and fries to hungry racers
  • Chris from SRAMatMonza. Free and excellent neutral race support, whether you're on a $10K bling machine or a balance bike.
  • Col "SuperSunbury" Bell, without whom we wouldn't even have pre-reg yet.
  • Trailer Trash skips, for a very last minute delivery

Don't forget to tag ya instagram photos with #DDCX, then they'll show up here

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