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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The Ballad of Ramblin' Rodriguez

Electricity has been returned to DDCXHQ, so here are the prizewinners and podiums from Sunday. The full results are being reviewed and will be up soon, along with the race report.

Photos are rolling in, tag your tweets and instagrams with #DDCX so we don't miss them, or email us a link to your photosets.

Hamish snuck off once the racing was done so that he could spread the gospel of CX to a wider cycling audience:

Brian Mangano's early picks
Corinna Brown
Nick Cooke
Athletic Focus. 1. 2. 3.
Open Cage . 2. Womens CX
Bike Box / Schwalbe
Leigh Schilling
Mik Efford

Alex Meyland

Kids Boys
Nathan Bof
Adam Boyd
Liam Collier

Kids Girls
Sienna Gibson
Mae Czechowski
Darcy Giuliani

Open Men
Jack Lamshed
Ben Walkerden
Duncan Murray
Anthiny Natoli
Colin Bell

Open Women
Bec Williamson
Michelle Scurr
Heather McInulty
Daniela Kirchlinger
Angela Merriam

CX B Grade Men
Ben Healey
Jason Gelsie
Adam Blazevic
John Czechowski
Cam Woolcock

CX A Grade Women
Jenna Makgill
Lisa Jacobs
Mel Anset
Tory Thomas
Jenny Macpherson

CX A Grade Men
Paul van der Ploeg
Adrian Jackson
Warrack Leach
Alex Meyland
John Groves

Battle of the Balance Bikes
Tristan Jackson
Dominico Kellet
Leon Cobbledick

Impact Massage Holeshot
Paul van der Ploeg
Karen Hill

Jet Black / Stans Wheels #zeromechanicals: Shaun Urie
Oldest rider: Sundae Commuter & ??
CycleOps DFLest racer: Lauren Mittiga
Most Inappropriate Bike: Mudguarded & racked touring bike
Massage Oil Shop Women's consistency: Shelley Green
Nwad's Best use of Argyle: Craig Towers

Full Results
Note: If you are not on this list you:
* Had a number that couldn't be seen by the judges
* Didn't cross the line on the final lap
* Are a victim of an honest judging error, and we apologise, we're not perfect. Who knew?

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