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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Planet Telex

A few more blips on the DDCX news monitor to report as we hurtle towards the beginning of the good times (aka the start of the 2012 DDCX series)!

Good friends, nice guys and perennial DDCX caffienators and supporters Coffee Supreme are hosting another swap meet with Fyxomatosis (also a good guy, DDCX supporter, but less frequent caffienator). It's the morning after the prologue so if you happen to break something on your bike the night before (Cx came be hard on a bike as well as the body) you can head on down and hopefully find a replacement.

The good news is that Blakey will likely be quite tired from racing and organising the night before you might have a chance at some bargains (if for some reason you want 6spd suntour freewheels, 650B rims or italian gentlemen's street bars).

My experience of these swaps is that there is always a few things that you walk away with that you didn't plan to, the coffee is outstanding and there's always some good bike eye candy to check out (often ridiculous, sometimes lust-worthy).

Also coming up is the new issue of Treadlie who have an article on Cyclocross by one of the voices of DDCX and Emerging Writer, Mr Brendan Bailey (he is the one with self-described 'dodgy tattoos').

It's out this Friday from newsagents that still sell magazines, bike shops and I'm going to take a shot in the dark and say there will be copies available at the prologue. Look for the cover below. Faith who is our contact there has a son who I'm suggesting will be coming for Lewis (in about 10 years).

The final point (and thank you for reading so far) is we would like to extend an invite for volunteers for the prologue. If you can make it early or hang around at the end to help with set-up/tear-down, or can spare some time on the registration/results desk we would love to hear from you via email or here.

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