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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Paul Revere

For those not so connected on the social media universe yesterday saw the long-rumoured formal announcement of the 'Pilot National Series'

The dates are as follows:

R1: 14 July -  Trailmix  - Melbourne, VIC
R2: 15 July  - Brunswick Cycling Club  Melbourne, VIC (That's us!)
R3: 11 August - Port Adelaide Cycling Club South Australia
R4: 12 August - Port Adelaide Cycling Club South Australia
R5: 29 September  - Manly Warringah CC Sydney, NSW
R6:  30 September  -Manly Warringah CC Sydney, NSW

Course venues will be confirmed shortly..

This is a huge step for Australian cyclocross... alongside the announcement of these dates was also the publication of draft technical regulations (read: rules) for CX racing in Australia. Both of which are key steps towards a National Championships next year.

But what does this mean for DDCX? Basically for Round 2 you will see a few strange faces as 'cross fiends from across the various borders are provided an extra incentive to come race, plus we will need to be a bit more formal in the A grade race (proper call ups, etc). You will also see a few changes to accommodate some of the new rules (largely around course design/features). Yes, this year we will have a proper pit for those of you who have asked previously!  None which will impact what we know is a fun DDCX race experience and will hopefully mean more cx races and more racers in the future.

In other more local news we are pleased to announce two new sponsors in the form of Treadlie Magazine and Schwalbe/BikeBox. Both of whom have come onboard with some very interesting ideas for prizes and non-traditional categories. Schwalbe will also be offering 'spot' prizes on the day so even if you can't race you could still win prizes. Treadlie have a feature on cyclocross in the next (June) issue and their cargo bike always shows up with some great goodies (Their Emma and Tom's bars kept me going through a long and cold day @ Jackson Reserve last year).

Definitely move your eyes to the right and check out all of those companies who help us out with prizes and support to make sure the races can happen...


  1. Is there going to be any other DD races in Melbourne?

    1. See the upper right of the blog. We have 1 prologue and one other DDCX series race. Plus there's the State Champs in late Sept.


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