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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

It's A Shame About Ray

I didn't have a shot to go with this post, but I think this shot of Lewis with his Mr Dirty Deeds sash from last year is hilarious.

One of the questions we have had about the upcoming season is around pre-registration. There have been some furrowed brows as we discussed the various options out there.

The end point of it is that we won't be offering pre-registration for the each race, but instead will be opening the registration desk 30mins earlier to allow for riders to get signed up and get some pre-riding done on the course.

This combined with larger field sizes and some changes to how we set up the registration and licensing tables should allow for a faster process.


If you are coming from more than THREE hours away please let us know via email and we will make sure you have a spot in the race. You will need to provide us with a scanned shot of your race licence to secure your spot. You will also still be required to sign-on before the registration desk closes.

We know there are those out there that would prefer to show up for their race and then go home/off to other activities. Unfortunately we like the atmosphere that is created when people participate outside of their race, and encouraging people to spectate/cheer for other racers is a great way of ensuring this. There are of course a number of other reasons why we decided not to offer pre-reg and we'd be happy to explain them more in person.

In other news, look for some updates around the National Series, licensing, sponsors and locations coming very soon. As the trails get muddier, it's definitely getting busy around here.

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