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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The Youngest Was The Most Loved

A slew of interesting articles are sitting in my browser as I ponder a thread to sew them all together... and then this veritable onslaught of amazing imagery emerges from the SSCXWC (Single Speed Cyclo Cross World Champs) held last weekend in SF.

Ladies and Gentlemen... your new winners of the "Golden Speedo/Bikini" and prize tattoo.
Chris Jones

Julie Krasniak

Yes, they are both UCI-level CX pros but by all reports (and photos) they fully embraced the spirit of the event. For a better example of what the event is about check out the video of the mens start

In the midst of that race you have several world cup level MTB racers and domestic road pros. In the women's race (first full field at a SSCXWC) they had a number of national champions lining up. Many of whom came to enjoy the race as much as

There are more links on the Event home page if you want to see more of the high jinx racing that went down.

Next year is Santa Cruz... and I'll admit to being very tempted.


  1. They didn't get the ink though! Poseurs!

  2. Should a fraternal visit to the US be arranged? Take in a Cross Crusade race or two.

  3. The National MTB SS champs are in Beechworth next year - perhaps an SSCX race in Melb could tie in...

    I'd be up for assisting organising it, and have some ideas. Email me, NIKCEE.

  4. Paul - send your email address to dirtydeedscx@gmail.com

    Let's talk!


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