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Thursday, 3 November 2011

The In Sound From Way Out!

Sometimes you need to throw some fireworks in the fire to get people talking about why they feel so strongly about something...

The excellent hands/brain behind INRNG did something similar with this post, and in doing so (successfully) sparked up some lively discussion in his own comments, as well as spawning these replies.

Yes, given my involvement with 'cross and the fact I'm even typing this it's pretty easy to know what side of the barrier I fall on, but even having said that I think it's great to see it laid out on screen. It's not a discipline that suits everyone in a sport that doesnt interest even more, but there's a lot of fuss/buzz/noise aorund CX right now and for some the 'What gives?' question is a valid one. Even moreso becuase it has become such an entry vector into competitve cycling, and in some cases competitive sports, for people.

For those that have been embracing an embrocation-scented, mud-covered lifestyle for a while it's also good to reflect on what was, what we now have and what we might hope for...

For others it's just neat to see cross talked about with passion... and remind them of the good times that are had playing in the mud.

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