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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

He's Wearing Overalls.

Some random stories to come out of Friday night's escapades:

I spoke briefly to the Schwable Rep, Shane Ford, who told me that in the weeks prior to the prologue Schwable had sold out of CX tyres. That's not just one shop; you could not purchase Schwable CX tyres anywhere in the state. I'm claiming this one.

And secondly, our CSV Liason Officer told me about an interesting phone call the CSV office received on Monday morning. While our licences are provided by CSV, those guys have to then forward them on to Cycling Australia (CA), who work out all the insurance and that stuff. And on Monday morning the folks at CA were a little confused. Y'see, on Friday night we sold around eighty Cyclocross Season Passes, formerly (and formally) known as 3-ride permits. On average CA deals with about twenty 3-ride permits a year. Hence the reason for their confusion. I mean, apparently they were stoked, but still, they needed an explanation.

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