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Monday, 15 November 2010

Exquisite Corpse

So you are a multiple world CX champ, have won 9 SuperPrestige titles, numerous World Cups and other big races, had UCI rule changes created because of the effect of your technical abilities... ride for a very prestigious team... purportedly turn up to races with stationwagons full of wheels.

And then this happens...

And you need a competitor's pit crew to bring you a bike.
But you are calm enough to go back out and re-establish your lead and win.
Best of all you don't have a hissyfit and blame your staff.

For some great technique check this out from the same video. Bart Wellens is a study in good form whether leaping barriers or railing turns.

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  1. Wellens covered his whole body in Vaseline. Taking notes for next DDCX...


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