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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Blazing the Crop

And so it begins... after perusing the recaps of the past weekend's racing it would look like the sky has begin to fall. By that I mean that mud is now a feature rather than a threat on many of the courses and like I mentioned in my last post with it comes a new set of skills.

Of course I might just be happy because Sven Nys is finally coming into form. And what form...

Watch the first few minutes to get a feel for the course (which is awesome).

Check out 10:25 to see how you do a run-up. Fast steps, fluid movement, skilled descending and all that... even Rob Peeters has to shake his hands after that.

Then see how the former world champ and still very quality rider Niels Albert does it at 11:05 (not so well). That will certainly be in the 'Highlights Reel' at the end of the season.

Any doubt that this was a HARD course should be erased by the sight of one of the top 4 riders in the world blundering around the course. Take a look at Tom Meeusen's face to see more evidence of how much suffering was going on. 

Of course the elephant in the room is that Stybar wasn't present, prefering to spend his time in sunny (and dry) Majorca training and taking a well-earnt break from racing (actually that should be winning).

In other news: One third of the DDCX organsiers is road-tripping up to the nation's capital with a motley crue of 'crossers for the race this Saturday. Look for the Brunswick CC jerseys and don't be afraid to say Hi!

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