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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Pretty Girls Make Graves

In those daydreaming moments we all have where you compile your 'ultimate' bike, the 'cross bike of my mind has always had TRP EuroX's (probably the magnesium ones because they do come in all kinds of sweet colours). Used by a lot of the elite pelotons both in upstart USA as well as the ever-traditional Europe they not only look PRO but deliver the goods (as much as cantis can).

However I started hearing hype on the new Avid Short Ultimates from our dear friends @ SRAM early this year. My first glance at them had me thinking 'Interesting... and different to the Shortys of past' (which never really stopped me short... aesthetically).

Then I read this and thought maybe I should be paying a little more attention, after all SRAM has developed quite the name for itself in 'cross circles, and I know Avid has a great name in the MTB disc braking world.

Fast forward to this, which is an excellent background the new brakes and their development/developer.

In my mind, I think I've 'made the leap'...

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