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Thursday, 7 October 2010

People And Animals.

I know next winter is a long way away, but here at Dirty Deeds we like to plan ahead. So we're already scoping out new courses. Do you have any ideas for a sweet CX course in the inner city? Leave a comment here and we'll go check it out!


  1. Westgate Park on Todd Rd. Close(ish) to the city, plus there's plenty of water around, some of it green...

    Hell, I might even race for once.

  2. Stony Creek backwash park, between the tankfarm and the Westgate. Get there on the punt!

  3. Urban cross...

    stairs, concrete, ramps and whatever else you can find???

  4. Elwood beach hill?

    Plenty of grass, a little bike path, and a challenging enough hill to climb/run.

  5. @lewis: I'd love to do something along the bay with sand. that location would be brilliant as well with its hill and overall layout. however, i'm pretty sure our budget doesnt extend to what the locals councils would ask to use the space.

    having said that it doesnt hurt to ask... i also have a spot over in port melbourne in mind.

  6. Going from memory and with a little help from google maps these areas could be possibly be suitable and include areas for climbing:
    1. Yarra Bend/Studley Park - Around the crit loop area, the traverse down to the Johnston st bridge, along the river to dights falls and back up again.
    2. Hall Reserve, Clifton Hill
    3. TH Westfield Reserve, (Fairfield Park)
    5. Fairfield park near Fairlea road
    4. Yarra Bend Park near Deep Rock Road
    5. Studley Park between Studley park rd and Kew Boulevard.(Beside Caritas Christi Hospice)
    6. The open park area between Gipps st bridge and Yarra Boulevard

    7. Gordon Barnard Reserve, Balwyn - lots of grass slopes beside ovals, some gravel track

    9. Kings Domain
    10 Flagstaff Gardens

    * Melbourne Highschool(!?)
    * Fairview Park, Hawthorn - may be problematic due to fancy neighbourhood and being a dog off-leash park
    * Como Park (lots of climbing) - but might be difficult to secure due fancy neighbourhood, high visibility, heavy football and cricket use and the high load on Stonnington's limited No. of parks.

    It's not an area I know that well but there must be some likely spots along the maribyrnong - maybe:
    * Henry turner Memorial Reserve, Footscray - all flat but for the viscously steep climb up to Victoria Uni, or beside Farnsworth Avenue
    * Sloped land North of Farnsworth Ave, Footscray
    * Aberfield Park, Moonee Ponds
    * Riverside Park, Maribyrnong

  7. also..

    * Fritz Holzer park, Camberwell
    * Wattle Park, Burwood


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