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2014 Round #2 / NCXS #2 22/6/14

On Pre-reg vs Day-reg
Pre-reg is great, it helps us know who's coming, which grades are busy, where we need to allocate more transponders etc, and saves us entering rider details into the timing system 5min before the race starts. It also means that you are damn near guaranteed a ride.

I saw far too many sadfaces last round, kids and adults alike, when told there were no more spots. We were chockers last time, we will be chockers this time.

Don't chance it on the day. (But don't prereg and then no show without telling us, you take a race spot from another punter)

Helpful? Love DDCX and want it so run smoothly? Not racing? Not racing all day? Not a jerk?

Then email ddcx.volunteers at gmail dot com and tell them you'd love to help out. Give us the following:

  • Name
  • Mobile #
  • Volunteering slot 
(eg slots: setup from 0800, rego desk from 1000, course marshal during kids, course packup etc etc)

Venue Appreciation:
Like DDCX? Like DDCX at Darebin Parklands?

Tell them!

Race Registration:
Enter Elite Men / Women -->here<--, closes 15th June. Closed

Enter B/C/Open/Kids -->here<--, opens 6th June, closes 19th June. Closed

Day registration will be available on a first come, first served basis, if we don't fill up during online pre-reg. Is only available for kids, even this is limited

Start List  -->here<--


  • If you have a CA Gold / MTBA competition licence, you can race any grade. 
  • If you are U11, you can use a Kidz licence and race in kids / balance bikes
  • If you have a DDCX Season Licence / CA 3 Ride Permit (green cardboard), you can race support, not elites.

Kidz & DDCX Season Licences will be available to purchase on the day ($20 / 60.)

BMXA licences are not acceptable.

Technical Guide:
Looky Here!


10:30 - 12:00
Course open
10:40 - 11:30
Kids mixed race
11:40 (10min + 1 lap race)
Kids Presentations
CX Men's C/Open M&W/CX Women's B
12:20 (30min  + 1 lap race)
CX Men's B
13:05 (30 min  + 1 lap race)
Course open
Elite Women CX race
14:10 (45min race)
Elite Men CX race
15:10 (1hr race)
16:30 - 17:00

The race is to be held at Darebin Parklands, cnr of Yarana Rd and Smith St, Alphington.

Parking / Transit:
Alphington train station (Hurstbridge line) can be found at the beginning (south end) of Yarana St, and the 508 bus runs right past the parklands, for those looking for nearby public transit options.

It should be noted that Yarana Road south of Separation St is actually a bike path and not a road. Parking on Yarana Rd north of Separation will be for event staff and sponsors only.

Parking can be found on either side of Separation St, Abbott St, Parklands Ave and Yarana Rd south of Parklands. 

Do not park near the corners of Separation St / Bennett St, Bennett St / Parklands Ave, Parklands Ave / Yarana Rd, Yarana Rd / Wingrove St as this is the 508 bus route and blocking a bus will get you a parking ticket/towed very quickly!

Most of the side streets nearby are residential and we expect them to get parked out quickly. We recommend parking at the Alphington train station car park or the nearby Pitcher Park if you are arriving later.

In summary: You are not a special snowflake, you do not deserve front row parking. If you try to sneak into staff parking, park illegally, or block a bus, don't be surprised if your vehicle is towed, ticketed or you are made fun of mercilessly over the P.A., although it's more likely that Hamish will put sugar in your petrol tank.

Entry List:
coming soon

Cyclocross Racer to do list:
1. Thank a volunteer
2. Thank a race promoter.
3. Smile more on the startline
4. Keep the heckles appropriate (& and clever!)
5. Be patient at the start. Stupid moves cause crashes. There's 39mins 45secs of the race left to pass that rider.
6. Have even more fun than last year.
7. Attend a clinic to improve skills
8. Order some new tyres! They are often the main thing keeping you upright
9. Start working on your bikes now. Those frozen BB's, der pulleys need lovin
10. Skill sessions on/off the bike
11. It's just a bike race. Race each other hard, but fair. Leave it on the course.

dirtydeedscx at gmail dot com

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