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Saturday, 4 July 2015

Tapedeck Sound

We are live!
Go to the BOSSest race entry system out there and sign up for the good times...

A special note - Kids entries will continue to be through the old pre-reg system for now.

VOLUNTEERS! Yes, we love you... and we would love it if you could help out again. If you are racing you can select that you are volunteering and provide the normal information. But if you aren't racing but are down to help send us an email at ddcxDOTvolunteersATgmail.com with your availability.

Basic Details
  • Race date is Sunday 19th July
    10:30-12:00 - Registration
    10:40-11:30 - Course open
    11:40 - Kids (incl Bal bikes) - 15mins
    12:00 - Kids Prizes
    12:20 - CXMC & Open (30mins)
    13:05 - CXMB (40mins)
    14:00-14:20 - Course Open
    14:25 - CX Womens A/B (45/35mins) and Open W (30mins)
    15:20 - CX Mens A (1hr)
    16:30 - Presentations
    16:50-? Pack down
  • Race location is Golf Rd (North End), North Coburg


  1. Quick Question, if we're coming down just to watch, is there an entry fee?

    1. quick answer: there is not.
      but we cant guarantee you wont spend all your money on excellent DDCX merchandise and delicious coffee and burgers.

    2. Excellent, no entry fee equals more coffee.


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