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Saturday, 2 November 2013

Such a perfect day


The second annual Jeff Hanneman Memorial Rifftacular SpookyCX race is done and we had a ball. We hope you did too.

Polly is not a Wallaby showed up and took some shots, there's going to be some #fixiefamous kids with waterguns on the internet pretty soon.


Here's some photos, we'll add more as they get processed and published. Tag your flickr/instagram/tweets etc with #spookycx so we can find them!

Luke Markhof
 Jo Upton
Fame & Spear

Gun photographer Brian Mangano took the day off to race for a change, it was worth it.

Race results can be seen here: http://metarace.com.au/cross/spooky

If you're not there, you probably didn't put your transponder on properly AND your number was invisible. Your bad. No correspondence please.

If you didn't return your transponder, you will be receiving a note shortly letting you know where to return it and where to pay the fine.

Race report to follow, after we have a nap.

Lewi loves DDCX

Instagram photos tagged #spookycx

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