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Monday, 22 April 2013

Unknown Road

So fresh off a good kick-off of the Victorian Cyclocross season last Friday in Beechworth and with the onset of regular rain and cold weather it's definitely starting to feel like 'cross race time!

Although numbers were low compared to the mayhem that is a normal DDCX race there were a lot of smiling faces after the race, as entrants were treated/subjected to two races each in the afternoon. The chance to race through the centre of town on closed roads with proper race barriers is a big step. For many it was also a chance to be reminded of the heart-racing and chest burning experience that is cross racing. The highlights were the 'A-corn-er', the 'stairway to heaven' and the 'hay bale hurdle'. For some the proximity to the beer tent meant easy access to 'liquid refreshments' which I'm sure added to their race highlights! DDCx would again like to thank anyone that took a chance and came out for the race. The support of racers does mean that other races are likely to occur, in new areas.

We will post photos as they emerge, especially ones of the excellent mid-pack finish line salutes that occurred.

But we would also like to remind everyone of the upcoming women's skills clinics starting this weekend. There has been a lot of interest in CX from new and existing road or MTB racers and these sessions are a great chance to learn tricks and tips for riding 'cross in a friendly and fun environment.

Bring whatever bike you have (seriously) and a positive attitude and we will help with the rest. We can't guarantee podiums but there's a money-back guarantee that Blakey will make an amusing pun at some point.

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