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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Prime Mover

It's all starting to happen in here... the rain has finally fallen, and the dust storms out on the trails and parks are now less of a hazard when following friends. Riders are now appearing with actual mud on their bikes and bodies. Embro (albeit light) is even a consideration on some early mornings.

With all of this comes the pre-season jitters and equipment perusing... and where better place to test that gear then in the number of pre-DDCX season events happening.

The previous post mentioned the Beechworth Gran Fondo, but just a week before the prologue is the Dirty Gran Fondo.

There are a number of DDCX stalwarts who I know are attending, but if you haven't already entered there's an update from the organisers:

It should be bigger than last year – we’ve got a naming sponsor on board (Geigerrig – pressurized hydration systems) who will be at the event showing off their products and giving out prizes. We’re also looking to have a bit more activity at one of the feed zones – rumours for now, another announcement coming in the next few weeks.

They are trying to get riders registered early for this one, First Release entry (cheaper rate) ends next week  (Monday) 31st March, so if you are thinking about it, get cracking to take advantage of the cheaper entry.

On the DDCX front we are hoping to announce our sponsors in the coming week so stay tuned for that!

We might even have some details about some upcoming skills sessions too... 


  1. We're pretty jealous of all this runningabout, jumping barriers--dare we say racing?!--in March! Obviously your seasons are different, but your friends in the Pacific Northwest are incredibly jealous.

    How would one get in touch with you via email?

    Muddy and ringing like a cowbell,
    he Asylum Cycles Crew

    1. Hello!
      hit us up here:
      dirtydeedscx - AT -gmail-dot-com


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