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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Crail Life

While I look outside (down here in Melbourne) and you'd think winter was still very much in season, I can only point to the slowly rising mercury (Hey Kids - it's what we used before the internet made the B.O.M/TheAge/SMH/etc reasily available) to dissuade myself from this idea.

However on the other side of the world it's just the beginning of the 'Cross season and for those out there who have just caught the 'bug' here's some good background about who is who and what to (maybe) expect from them this year...

As for me, I'll be hoping that Tree-Bon uses his crazy long legs to push his Kona to a few titles in the US (the 'Tall Timbers' of Kona's Cx team are my favourite team hands-down - great attitudes and even better racers). The Cannondale team are really good, but to me they are bit like that team that always wins (and their goofy 9 ball kit leaves me cold, even if it isn't current).

Over in the 'heartland' I'll be watching for Nys to come back after a quieter season, as someone who is a slower starter I look to his ability to climb back through the field and into contention as an inspiration. I'm also partial to Pauwels for some reason (it may be the way his name sounds when the flemish commentators get excited) and the rationalist in me has to acknowledge Stybar for his amazing domination last year. Yeah - he was THAT good last year and earnt all his titles with hard work.

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