Monday, 2 August 2010

You Gotta Have Some Lovin For Me.

Results from DDCX#2 are finally up on the results page, and what's more, I finally figured out the aggregate standings. That shit was hard! And there were some interesting results. For example, if you were going to race the Open Category in round 3, and you'd raced the previous two rounds without winning anything, all you would need to do is somehow ensure Matt Gray doesn't turn up, then win, and you'd take out the whole thing. Matt, over the next few weeks you better watch your back.

And, furthermore, if you're racing the CX Category and you've raced the last two rounds but not won anything, you could still end up on the CX aggregate podium. That's something you want to occur, believe you me. The prizes for that freaking rule.


  1. I wasn't able to see any results for either round 1 or 2 for the women and neither their aggregate scores (except for Jess Morgan which seems to be calculated incorrectly).

    I know that some/most women aren't eligible for prizes (due to not riding round 1), but you have listed men that aren't eligible so please list the women too....

  2. you are right. we (i) apologise, and have rectified this situation.

  3. 4 points for me too. (open category)