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Results / Aggregate

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Round 2 - Harrison St Velodrome

Round 1 - NCXS Round -  Darebin Parklands

NB: It is important for riders to know that the times for the first lap and hence overall AREN’T ACCURATE as the first lap was missed intentionally and just a duplicate of the second lap (the first lap was a long lap too).  The finishing gaps are correct behind the leader however, as best as you can get hand-timed.

Men's A Grade

Women's A Grade

Men's B Grade

Women's B Grade
Men's Open

Women's Open

Kids Boys

Position Name
1   Sam Howard
2 Jacob van Rooij
3 Daniel Jackson
4 Michael Buckle
5 Darcy Jamieson

Kids Girls

Position Name
1 Emily Hughes
2  Emily Jackson
3 Gracie Wells
4 Mae Czechowski
5 Senna Hindell

2011 Results
Results for the 2011 Series can be found here.